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Found 8 results

  1. felixformosa333

    Naruto Blazing Bot

    Could someone direct me to a bot similar to this one but for Naruto ultimate ninja blazing? Or maybe show me where i could go to make one?
  2. KayDi

    Offtopic - Dragon Ball Legends

    Hey guys, this is not Dokkan related. I wanted to know if there is also a farming bot for DB Legends anywhere across the www
  3. ChillPhoenix

    Can I only use the bot with 4 accounts?

    Heya! So I planning to buy the Bot, but how does it work? After I farm 4 accounts do I have to pay 10$ again? Or after I transfer them out can I just add new ones and pay the Next month?
  4. Palaga

    Bug while transferring

    Hello i just created an account and tried to bot him for the story mode but but when I try to transfer it I have this error and for several days someone could help me please?
  5. Useless

    Paypal wont work - any solution?

    Hello for some reason I can not pay with paypal. Do you got banned from pp? Is there a way to send you the money via paypal (eg via family and friends feature?)? Can I buy the bot for just 1 month without any auto renewal? Useless
  6. laxus dreyar

    Bot not updated

    i cannot farm using global version.. it say new version bot exist
  7. Shadow4lives

    bought VIP where can i find the bot?

    Hi there, I just bought VIP and i cant find the bot on the site can anyone please help me find it
  8. Jiren1717


    Hi there guys, im new to this forum. How do i get the bot? I can't seem to find it anywhere.
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