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Found 3 results

  1. Please make a grinder for Battle Memory if available!!!
  2. Rikimaru

    Some Bugs I encountered

    Hello, here are some Bugs with the Bot,which I found: 1: Super Battle Road "Only Super Class" Stage won't finish with the bot. All the stages are available and farmable with the bot except for the "Only Super Class" Stage on global. 2: When farming Quest Stages for the "Potara Medals" or farming Event Stages for the "Cloud Medals" the Bot doesn't acutally choose the correct team with the correct link skills by himself. These are the Bugs I found so far.
  3. Azyure

    3x Rank EXP Abuse

    Hey everyone! Just wanted to give people a heads up since this came up over on the FFBE boards when that bot went live too. Right now we're in a 3x Rank EXP event for Story Missions, which is AMAZING since you can just absolutely blow through the story and rank up to max with little to no effort. But be aware that there are totally people out there who will report people for ranking up too quickly. There were reports all over the place of people going from rank 10 to 90 getting banned because they were reported on FFBE by people on their friends list. I went from ~Rank 180 to ~Rank 220 without much issue by just spamming 240008 (Android #17 & Android #18) over and over; at that level you can just do Repeat: 10 several times and rake in the training items, incredible gems and Rank EXP with little to no effort. With that, if you want to abuse it, just make sure that you're not jumping up in rank too much, give it some time, and be smart with your bot use.
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