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Found 24 results

  1. GiuDaKing

    Help with facebook login

    Guys i dont know what a "Facebook Token" is and how to get it i need help pls Leute ich weiß nicht was dieser "facebook token" sein soll und hab auch keine ahnung wie ich denn bekommen kann bitte ich brauche hilfe
  2. JustAnApricot

    Internal Server Error For Bot

    I was trying to use the boy today, but I'm only getting sent to 500 internal server error page. I was wondering if there is a way to fix this or is the server down for maintenance or something? I would appreciate the help. Edit: NVM it's working now though I don't know why.
  3. KhaosArisen

    No reply

    I asked a question the yesterday and no response, basically the question was; am I able to have my accounts on my current bot and transfer them to a new bot or do I have to buy a new bot altogether for just one free account slot
  4. KhaosArisen

    Adding the same account on 2 bots

    I was wondering, since I can’t remove accounts from bots can I add an account on one bot to a newer one, because I have maxed out my limit on one bot and I still wanna keep my accounts except for one and add a new one on a new bot.
  5. When I transferred from my phone to the bot, I got this message: "some error occurred, server said: Your accont has successfully completed device transfer.Deleting User Data and returning to title screen." Now I can't transfer it back to my phone or farm. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Jeph971

    Lost account need back up pls 😰

    I ve lost my account when i have tried to add it in bot please help me
  7. Theo


    How do I farm EZA battles with this mod?
  8. Kewlbrze

    Emulator Help

    So I've been looking around and trying different versions of many different emulators, but I can't seem to find one that works. The closest I got to working was Memu version 2.7.2 where it would launch the game but fail to open the captcha when you try to load into the game. I would like to buy a subscription for the bot. but I don't want to do that unless I can find a working emulator.
  9. AWP-erator452


    Which option do I pick to farm jp events
  10. AWP-erator452

    Do I have to keep the page on my screen

    I was wondering when full farming do I have to keep the page open that's says check back in ~55mins or can I watch YouTube or something. Also do I have to keep the phone screen on or off because I'm in class right now 😂😂
  11. DCCIV

    Won't let me transfer JP account

    When I tried to transfer my JP account back to my iPhone I keep getting the error "some error occurred, server said: new game update". When I got that error I tried to do an event to see if it'll help but the error still occurs. Any help?
  12. Furstain

    Farming Full didn't work

    So I was going to farm up the story on my account and it said to wait 55 mins, the data transferred showing something happened and I got the account back only to see nothing had changed. Why did this happen and what can I do to ensure I can get the story farmed F A S T ?
  13. GiuDaKing

    error game update jp acc

    da steht : server said: new game update bitte hilft mir ich kann meinen acc nicht transferieren it said: server said: new game update pls help me i cant transfer my acc
  14. Keanu

    Account can’t go back on

    One of my Accounts won’t let me put it back on so if someone can help me that would be great
  15. Junya

    Is it possible to farm EZA Events?

    I am aware that in the bot itself, it has the Z battle option but the question I'm asking is how do you farm it? I'm trying to use it for JP but it doesn't seem to work and every time I go to dbz.space to copy and paste "Z-Level ID" all that pops up for the results right after is "some error occurred, server said: invalid token please re-add account" am I missing something?? Or maybe it only works on Global??? Let me know ASAP!!!!
  16. killer_bee

    how do i delete a account on the bot

    how do i delete a account on the bot
  17. Azyure

    Common Errors Detailed Here

    Common errors people have been getting with the bot: something went wrong - This could be an issue with an option you selected, with the bot itself, or the current state of the service. Give it a minute or two, and try your request again. If it still fails, look in the Help/Bugs forum, and make a new thread. bad data - This likely means that you didn't fill out the forms properly. Go back, make sure you filled everything in, and try again. active_record/record_not_found - This means that you attempted to do a mission that doesn't exist. Trying to do Area 1 Stage 1 on SUPER2? Record not found, try again on the right stage/difficulty. no_condition_to_try_the_quest_is_fulfilled - This means that you're attempting to do a difficulty of a mission, or a mission that you have not yet unlocked. Go back and make sure that you've fulfilled all conditions to unlocking it before trying again. the_number_of_cards_must_be_less_than_or_equal_to_the_capacity - This means that your character inventory has been totally filled, you'll need to transfer the account back to a device or emulator and go through training / selling units / expanding unit capacity until you're able to get back in. NOTE: Facebook linked accounts are not supported. You'll need to go through and unlink your account before you're able to use the bot. If you receive any errors not noted here, post them in the same format so that we all can know what to expect.
  18. thechocokid

    Eza event

    How do i use the Z battle funtion on the bot? is there a way to distinguish which one to be able to do or not?
  19. Icjones

    Full farming

    I just need to know what exactly am I supposed to do with full farming because it hasn't worked yet do I enable all the scripts or what
  20. Azyure

    LR Goku Transcended Warrior Help

    http://dbz-dokkanbattle.wikia.com/wiki/Transcended_Warrior Making this thread as a go-to place for anyone who may be looking for information on how to complete the LR Goku trial before Mila fixes the friend handling issue for this mission. Currently, when you attempt any of these quests, you'll get one of a couple errors: no_condition_to_try_the_quest_fulfilled or invalid_only_card_quest_limitation_conditions This issue is likely because of the requirement of you using a friend that has one of the Super Strike Event units, or one of the two free units given to you by the game. Right now, the bot will choose a random friend to use for a mission when you go to Farm it. If you attempt any of these missions, and the bot doesn't function properly, then it's likely because it's attempting to use a friend that doesn't fulfill the requirements of the mission. What you can do to ATTEMPT to work around the issue is complete another mission, then go back and attempt the LR Goku mission. I suggest one of the following: Area 1 Level 1 - After the Tournament... - 4 Stamina http://dbz-dokkanbattle.wikia.com/wiki/Area_1:_A_Gloomy_Parallel_World Special Mission - Boss Rush - 0 Stamina Dokkan Event Boss Rush 1 http://dbz-dokkanbattle.wikia.com/wiki/Boss_Rush After completing one of those two missions, go back and attempt one of the Transcended Warrior missions for one of two outcomes: It works! - Great! It just went through! Now repeat the process many times until you get that LR Goku. It still doesn't work!!!!! - Don't make a new thread, it just doesn't work. Try the process again, or wait until friend handling is fixed. Regardless of anything: DO NOT MAKE NEW THREADS ABOUT NOT BEING ABLE TO COMPLETE THESE QUESTS. KEEP ALL QUESTIONS CONTAINED TO THIS THREAD.
  21. Nectrix

    How do I get the bot?

    Exactly how do I get the bot also what prices you guys have it at?
  22. inoobiexd1

    Dragon set

    It say contact admin for help
  23. Icjones


    is it possible to remove a account and put it back on and have it not count as two differnt accounts
  24. Skinyp3nis

    Im a noob help me plz

    So i dont know much about the bots and stuff do i need a computer or something like my phone rooted? I still havent bought the vip access because im worried I don't know
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