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Found 4 results

  1. Azyure

    Auto-Farm Until Conditions Met

    If possible, adding an auto-farm timer or scheduler to the bot to automate the story progression over a certain length of time, or until certain conditions were met. This feature could act in the following ways: Auto progress story mission to story mission until STA runs out, waiting for STA refills to occur before moving on to the next one, until either you hit the end of the chosen difficulty, or no story missions remain Allow a manual queuing of missions that run until STA runs out, waiting for STA refills to occur before moving onto the next manually scheduled mission. Please reply to this thread if this is also something you'd like to see implemented, if possible, or if there's another kind of implementation that you could think would improve the idea!
  2. Azyure

    JP Update Details?

    As a newer user to the JP bot, one of the things that I've been struggling with is the finding of JP-specific missions. I know for something like the new Super Vegito mission, they just followed in game code with the prior Super Vegito missions, but something like the new story missions are a little harder to find. Does anyone have a good method of locating these JP-exclusive missions in the list? If possible, Mila- would you be able to add a feature to the JP Bot Update Notifications that includes a verbose list of what was updated/added, and if a mission was added to the mission list, what it was, and the mission ID/Code? For instance, if tomorrow Bamco decided to add a series of 3 JP-exclusive missions that give great rewards, and offer some in game currency, a big highlight of a new event. The maintenance completes, and the bot posts the JP Asset Update with a list of three new missions that were added in the following format: New Missions Added: (Japanese text) - 6700040 (Japanese text) - 6700041 (Japanese text) - 6700042 Unless there's something I'm missing and there's a much easier way to sort this stuff out, I think this could be super huge for making JP Farming more streamlined.
  3. Azyure

    QOL Formatting Bug

    Location: Transfer Account page Process: Highlighting and subsequent copying of displayed text for ID What Happens: There is a trailing space in the displayed text for the ID which sometimes leads to the game stating an invalid ID had been entered. This only seems to happen when I'm on mobile and transferring via Google Chrome (Android) to the game. This is the smallest, lowest priority issue I could ever think of, but I can't express how many times I've seen that trailing space and my eye twitched a little bit.
  4. As requested by @Kingdestroyer in the main Request thread: If possible, can we add a line item on the Result page that shows EXP gained, and EXP required for next rank? This is displayed in game and could help a lot for people to know how close they are to their next Rank Up. Please reply to this thread if this is something you might be interested in, or have suggestions on how to better implement it!
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