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Initial Test Bugs / Oddities

This topic is 532 days old. If you are looking for help, please create a new topic!

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@Azyure i just transfered back, i had all the gems , may be a visual bug on the bot. I did a test , it showed like this "incredible gem X1 missing X 25"i had 530 gems before it, when transfering back i had 556, so it just a bug.

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Something small but there are two Meet Vegito quest the one on the bottom works but the top one doesn't 

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Guys new bug = new topic , stop posting everything here 

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      August 2017,
      Mila's bot had just entered BETA access,
      Are my accounts still on my BETA key
      They aren't my main accounts so I'm not that worried, just curious, 
    • Azyure
      By +Azyure
      I know this question has come up a lot in the past, but has anyone else had the issue where you were using your account on an android, transferred into the bot, successfully completed some missions, but were then unable to transfer back into the device?
      Every time I go to transfer, I get the prompt with my account name, level, etc, but when I click transfer, it gives me a connection error and boots me back to the home screen. This seems to be happening on any emulator instance I try this on. It doesn't seem to ever get transferred out of the bot, and I can make new accounts on these instances just fine, but for some reason it doesn't want to accept the bot account?
      So strange.
      So I thought it may have something to do with the 'state' that my account was in before I transferred it out of the bot, so I went back in and attempted to do Area 1 Stage 1, but it told me I had capped out my unit slots.
      I spent the 1 stone for +5 more slots, attempted the mission again. I was successful.
      I immediately tried transferring out of the bot into my device that previously didn't work, and was successful.