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Some ideas for new features

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Here are some ideas i have that would be awesome to have in additional to the already fantastic feature set for the bot!


1) I think it would be nice to have an option to give a name for each accounts? this way we can easily remember which account and not get mixed up trying to remember the account ID.

2) Able to re-run farming that just complete again, meaning to say if i go to farm normally, at the completion page where it shows what items was farmed, i can click a run again to do the exact same farm configuration without having to manually go back to farm page and key in all the details again.

3) custom farming sets, user can go ahead and create their own farming “package” basically a combination of different individual farming requests and put it together into a set and we can just run this and it will execute all individual farming quests in the set.

4) more details on status page, sometimes its hard to look at the icon and see what it is, especially cards, maybe hyperlink to open another window to show the card.

5) Stretch goal: auto awakening/training plus hidden potential based on some recommended algorithms on which cards should be prioritise to awaken/train/hidden potential.

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1. already have user id and name

2. press f5 button to run mission again

3. maybe you talk about favourite mission?

create another one use tempermonkey

4. card pic is enough for me

5. yes i need it too


and if can add auto sell saibamen/stupid soldier

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    • f_awakened
      By f_awakened
      It get's kind of annoying farming the story when you have to spend a stone every 5 seconds increasing your box space, or can't farm anything at all because you ran out of stones increasing box space. So I would like to see a feature in which the bot just auto sells the n units obtained from the story, or some kind of way to manage box units. 
    • Azyure
      By +Azyure
      If possible, adding an auto-farm timer or scheduler to the bot to automate the story progression over a certain length of time, or until certain conditions were met.
      This feature could act in the following ways:
      Auto progress story mission to story mission until STA runs out, waiting for STA refills to occur before moving on to the next one, until either you hit the end of the chosen difficulty, or no story missions remain Allow a manual queuing of missions that run until STA runs out, waiting for STA refills to occur before moving onto the next manually scheduled mission.   
      Please reply to this thread if this is also something you'd like to see implemented, if possible, or if there's another kind of implementation that you could think would improve the idea!
    • Azyure
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      If possible, would we be able to filter out the kinds of drops the bot actively looks for and 'lands on' for each farming run? Similar to what we have in FFBE where we can select if we want chests / loot collection, like this:
      On the Farming page, underneath the difficulty, a row of check boxes that say:
      () Support Items () Awakening Medals () Training Items () Non-Required Fights () Zenni
      I think a lot of what people are seeing as far as the Card Inventory errors are from when they're doing the non-required fights, and getting 1-2 Saibamen card drops per fight, 3-4 per map, which is way more then if you were doing it manually.
      This way too, if you know that the account is nearing that x999 Individual Training Item / Medal cap, you'd be able to keep going, regardless.
    • Azyure
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      As requested by @Kingdestroyer in the main Request thread:
      If possible, can we add a line item on the Result page that shows EXP gained, and EXP required for next rank? This is displayed in game and could help a lot for people to know how close they are to their next Rank Up.
      Please reply to this thread if this is something you might be interested in, or have suggestions on how to better implement it!