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Result: Some Error Occurred: None

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Error (if applicable):


some error occurred: None

What were you attempting to do?:Trying to farm the level "The Ultimate Pair of the Otherworld" also tested it on "training and experience" and the same thing happened

What date\time?:3pm est Weds Oct 2nd 2019


If you were attempting to add an account-n/a

Did the account name have special characters in the name?:n/a

How many accounts did you have added before adding the new account?:n/a

Have you had any issues adding\transferring accounts in the past?:n/a


If you were attempting to farm-

Mission Attempted:The Ultimate Pair of the Otherworld & Training and Experience

Difficulty:Super 2 & Super 





**Edit: the issue is no longer happening***(i will update this post if it happens again)


***Edit2: Its happening again lol but on stage "Kaboom! Ultra Instinct"

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